Why Transmedia?

There are three reasons why you should be using Transmedia storytelling for branding, marketing, and advocacy campaigns. With the constant fast-paced advancement of internet technology and its increasing reliance on social engagement, these elements are critical to successful IP and Brand growth:

1. Persuasion: Transmedia stories are the most fundamental and immersive form of communication, engaging our brains at the intuitive, sensory and executive levels

2. Audience Connection: Transmedia strategies create many points of entry that reach and link multiple demographics and target different user needs to effectively expand the customer base. I liken the IP or Brand to a well-constructed house and each platform to a window through which users can view, engage with, and ultimately purchase your Flagship product(s).

3. Financial Impact: Transmedia storytelling redefines ROI, extends brand shelf-life, and can create value-added IP assets and ancillary revenue streams.


Consultation includes the development, production and post-production of project budgets ranging from $100K to $10MM. With a special focus in cross-platform engagement using cutting edge tools and proven systems, I help growing companies connect with potential customers and fans via engaging stories. I have a large network of award winning writers, producers, and artists in film, television, animation, comics and video games.

Areas of Focus:

Film, TV and Web Series Development

Film, TV and Web Series Production

Film and Web Distribution

Comic Book Development, Production and Publishing

Screenplay Analysis

Cross-Platform Engagement

Product Monetization