164528_1554314577881_1646389_nBorn in Los Angeles and raised in the Washington DC Metro area, I was brought up with a strong focus in academic pursuits.  I maintained one of the highest GPA’s throughout my primary and secondary education and maintained a well rounded balance of sports and leadership activities throughout.  My strong suit was literature, and inspired by Plato, Aristotle, Shakespeare, and great contemporary minds like Joseph Campbell, I uncovered my passion for storytelling as an art by 16.

Two years into college, I found the rigid curriculum (and hefty loans) unnecessary for my future career development, so after an elective focus in Philosophy at the University of Maryland, I adopted an entrepreneurial approach to education.  I continued my role as a Teaching Assistant, lecturing on film, as literature, in the Scholars Arts program, even though I was technically no longer a student, and therefore, no longer eligible to teach.  I simply loved the idea of sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas with bright, artistic minds.

I studied the craft of filmmaking on my spare time and researched innovative approaches to online marketing while I balanced a part time job in the restaurant industry.  I quickly found that my leadership training was applicable in the food industry, and was promoted at every restaurant job I had ever worked.  I treated wine, food, and liquor like coursework, and dedicated years to appreciating pairing as an art.

It was in my 20’s that I developed a strong sense of spirituality, forged by the rigors of passionate relationships and financial struggle. Driven by the urge to learn more about my life’s purpose, I focused my efforts on understanding humanity’s place in the universe.  I devoured books about psychology, religion, and esoteric knowledge with a great fervor and cultivated a regular meditative practice.

In 2010, I founded Black Mast Studios and applied everything I had learned about progressive online marketing and filmmaking.  That’s when the seeds of Transmedia Storytelling started to sprout.  It broke all the conventions that the entertainment industry had established and maintained since its inception in the early 1900’s.  Stories could stretch their legs further than hackneyed sequels; they could span several platforms and successfully captivate a wide and loyal audience if they held to a specific canonical approach to story world creation.

It is this philosophy that I employ when working with companies, or developing my own projects.  Since pre-historic times, stories have traditionally been used to inspire, evoke emotion, and endow with wisdom.   I strive to continue this tradition using the constantly evolving and groundbreaking technologies available to us.

Simply put, I aim to tell great stories that will resonate for years to come.

As Executive Producer at Black Mast Studios, clients have included Lion Forge Comics, Warner Bros., Doritos, Jansport, and Deep Origins LLC.  Consultation can include all aspects of development, production and post-production with project budgets ranging from $10K to $10MM.  With a special focus in Transmedia branding and progressive online marketing tools, I help growing companies connect with potential customers via cutting edge media and engaging stories. I have a large network of award winning writers, producers, and artists in film, television, animation, comics and video games.

My hats off to the amazing team of talented people I have had the pleasure of creating with.  I look forward to forging new partnerships and strengthening old ones.