Alt Control Delete: Collapse

ACD Preview

Earlier this year I teamed up with DC Comics artist Eddie Nuñez and Marvel, DC Comics and Boom! Studios colorist Ander Zarate to create Alt Control Delete: Collapse.  It’s a comic book: the first chapter of a science fiction series set in a futuristic world where video games have evolved into a virtual reality professional sport. Technology and games permeate nearly every aspect of life in a culture that thrives on games and competition and a society where XP is currency.  The prevalent philosophy of this society walks the border of trans-humanism: man and machine are beginning to merge, but not everyone is happy about it.

In Alt Control Delete: Collapse, rising star and professional gamer, Tess is in pursuit of her AWOL friend. When Tess’s secret investigation leads her deep into the gaming underbelly of New Angeles, she is faced with a choice: risk her tournament standings and follow her friend’s trail or return to the safety of the compound and forget what she’s seen.

After having spent hours speaking with researchers and reading scientific articles about nanotechnology, cybernetics, genetic engineering and other topics covered by contemporary futurists,  I was inspired to write a tale that delves into the massive gaming culture that has caught fire around our planet.

Check out the first few pages:

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