Catalyst Prime: Incidentals


Growing up a MARVEL Comics fan with a big imagination, I sometimes passed the time by making up my own super-powered heroes and the background stories to go along with them.  I dreamed of the day that I would create worlds and characters that would be brought to life by the talented artists in the comics world.

So when I met with Dave Steward II of Lion Forge Comics, it was only natural that I’d want to play in the Catalyst Prime Universe which his team had created. I had been writing and developing a web series about a group of ordinary people suddenly empowered by a cosmic event.  When I found out that this was the premise of Lion Forge’s Catalyst Prime titles, it just made sense to collaborate and the group Incidentals were born.

I quickly commissioned DC/Wildstorm artist, Eddie Nuñez to do the above pin-up of the six main characters and held a casting session for the lead characters of the series.  I wanted to delve into the idea that no person is “good” or “bad,” and explore the ambiguous morality that dominates much of modern culture. I wondered what it would be like if a diverse group of people were suddenly given immense power.  How would it change their approach to walking that line of “right vs. wrong”?  Each of these characters is facing a huge inner struggle when this event happens.  They are lost souls and part of their journey to self discovery now involves more power than they know what to do with.

I wrote the Screenplay and am Directing the project this Spring. We’re aiming for a Summer 2014 release date for the first episode, and will release a One Shot digital comic to go along with it. David Steward II, CEO of Lion Forge Comics, and I will serve as Executive Producers on the web series.

Expect more details soon. You can find out more on IMDB and here: