Ancient Explorers

Ancient Explorers

As the Community Director of Ancient Explorers in 2013, I sat down with some of the greatest minds of our time to discuss the origins of our species and the incredible theories that could very well explain who we really are and where we come from.  From Gregg Braden’s astounding research into consciousness and it’s effect on the human body to Michael Tellinger’s profound work in South Africa, attempting to replace the global monetary system, I’ve been inspired by the groundbreaking evidence that proves there is more to this world than what we’re taught in school.

I helped to build and foster an online community of over 140,000 people who share a fascination with the ancient knowledge left behind by our mysterious ancestors. The evidence goes beyond cultures like the Egyptians, Inca, and Babylonians.  I’ve traveled through South America in search of lost technology that pre-dates those civilizations by several thousand years, and produced several documentaries about the subject.

Who were these ancient builders and how can we use modern science to piece together the clues they left to survive as a species?

Watch clips of our experts on our YouTube page:

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